Fashion is evolving every month, every day, every second. The element of surprise is its changing- pace. With the sheer smoothness, in a glance, your favourite t-shirt could be no-one's favourite.
And we have seen fashion grow not only in western wear but traditional wear too. From sarees being an outfit for a gathering to a saree complemented with a blazer for your office appearance. This clearly demonstrates the fact that with fashion evolving at an escalating pace, it also reinvents itself at every stage.

The question then arises of how to manage your wardrobe for every trend and yet slay every day in your unique style. Well, as we know changes are the most constant in life. Likewise, there are some wardrobe 'essentials' that are constant in every fashion change. The biggest challenge is how to style it to your look and personality.

One of the key wardrobe essentials is without any doubt is women's dresses. Dresses are fail-safe, basic pieces for any season.

Keep reading below to know how dresses can be the key piece to your wardrobe this summer season 2021.

Why choose dresses as wardrobe essentials?

There is nothing better than a women's dress. They come in different prints, sizes, colours suited for every need. The huge range of collection from maxi dresses to party dresses; from floral prints to checkered classics; from indie prints to sweatshirt dresses - there is always something for every season for every woman out there.

5 must-have dresses in your wardrobe 2021

1. Floral Dresses

Floral Dresses

Out of anything in your closet, there is always some space for the classic floral printed dresses. The vibrance of the print on a comfortable fit of A-Line Dresses makes for a deadly combination for the summer/spring season. The print is a classic and can never go out of fashion. The best part is not it's eternal evergreen print but the fact of how it goes with any shade. This summer season let your blooming print gloom your personality and style. For affordable printed dresses for women, you could check out, the best online shopping site in Dubai.

2. Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses

Another one of the trends that have still stood the test of time is the gorgeous maxi dresses for women. They can be pulled out in any season from cosy winter paired with denim or strapless maxi dress for summer. They are a true calling for anyone who wants to reflect a confident, comfortable yet chic style. It gives enveloping comfort that is so undeniably chic, it will become a modern classic in your wardrobe-essentials.

Compliment your maxi dress with everyday accessories inclusive of studs or hoops; make a classic statement with waist belts; or flaunt your halter dress as it is. But never forget to deprive your wardrobe of this vital fashion apparel.

3. Ethnic Dresses

Ethnic Dresses

Taking inspiration from traditional ethnic wear, ethnic dresses are an amazing blend of modern and traditional wear. A simple way to put an effortless spin on everything from prints to block colours; from maxi to A-Line kurta dresses. This pattern adds a finishing touch to your outfit without overdoing it. Ethnic dresses are also great summer/spring wardrobe-essentials. You could try out various ranges for the best ethnic dresses for a good price at, one of the affordable shopping websites in Dubai.
Pair, style your ethic dresses with one-toe flats or ballerinas. Give yourself a gorgeous look to any of your gatherings with this classic go-to ethnic dress for women.

4. Cocktail/Party Dresses

What is a wardrobe without a black party dress in it? Do you even remember a wardrobe without having a black fashion piece? Black is forever black. It’s the enduring classic that dated back never really could be a colour for women, but as fashion keeps evolving it soon becomes a women's staple. Pair this with an oversized blazer and everyday beautiful studs finished with a golden dial watch, and you are ready for wherever you plan to head to.
You could never miss your glam game with the black party dress player in your hand. It's a winner and will forever remain a winner.

5. Pastel/sorbet Dresses

In this new era where everyone wants quality, progressions yet consistency - hues play a great role in defining your wardrobe-essentials. Pastel shades have been recently a part of the Pantone trend and to date works like magic. The shades cherish power but with subtlety; they cherish magnificence with royalty. The colours scream comfort but with a touch of vogue. It's perfect for parties or athleisure to workwear. You could never fail to leave behind an impression when wearing a pastel hue dress. Pastel dresses might look light sometimes for party wear but when complemented with the right jewellery they turn off-duty into effortless.


Dresses are the timeless trends of every season which can always make your wardrobe look chic, comfortable and up-to-date. The beauty of this attire is the fact that they work with everything so are the ultimate addition to any capsule wardrobe.
Flats, Jackets, Heels, Belts, Minimal Accessories - Everything check, check. You could compliment dresses with whatever your style is.
Dresses could be a flexible form of wardrobe-essential as it's cool for an everyday fit with sneakers to a workwear fit with a blazer. It adds a polished garnish to your monotonous, demure looks.
Elevate your style, your wardrobe with dresses. Keep experimenting with this but never leave them. Try prints, try checks, try solids - whatever suits your style, your look. Minimal effort, maximum impact is what dresses are for. Wear them. Slay in them.

Where to Find them?

There are always trouble and doubts regarding not finding the right dress for your comfort and style, or the latest trendy piece.
We have a solution for that as well. Check out, the best online brand in Dubai. You could order it, try it and then pay later. You could explore a range of dresses from prints to ethnic dresses at affordable prices with cash on delivery available. What else do you need? Just shop, shop and shop.