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While all material sold by yzbuyer comes from standard sources, and is carefully selected by our internationally acclaimed buyers, it is pertinent to mention that products differ based on quality, material used, fashion and workmanship. Unlike other stores, simply trying to get rid of their merchandise, it is our sincere endeavor to ensure that purchasers know what they are buying and what they can accept from their purchase. The yzbuyer’s star rating gives you a good idea of what you are buying, and ensure value for money, for all purchases. 

1 Star : Run of the mill, standard product. For shoes, expect cheaper material used (No leather, machine crafted). For dresses and clothes, cheaper material used, might be last year fashion.


2 Stars: Relatively cheaper material, OEM products. Usually no hand stitching is involved, and material used would be PVC etc for shoes, and lighter cottons for dresses and clothes.


3 Stars: OEM and branded products. For shoes, leather top might be there, and in all cases, workmanship is top quality. Comprise includes no hand-stitching, no leather sole, etc. For dresses and clothes, think good quality stuff sold at well known stores such as MAX, Marshalls etc. Typically, these are your everyday wear.


4 Stars: All leather work for shoes, including hand work in a few cases. Quality of finishes is excellent, and the latest fashion is what you can expect in such products. Compare with top brands, such as those sold in reputed department stores such as Macy’s, JcPenny, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Robinsons, etc.


5 Stars: A top of the table product, expect OEM to top brands such as CAT, Fleet & Fosters, Trickers, Amblers, Roys, Clarks and other European brands. For jeans, our OEMs include suppliers to Levi, Lee, CK, Tommy Hilfiger etc, and shirts from Polo, Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, etc.

Disclaimer: While extensive effort is made to individually rate each and every item at yzbuyer, after a thorough inspection and auditing of each product, yzbuyer.com, it’s affiliates and partners do not accept any liability for an inadvertent omission or mistake, except as enumerated under our returns policy.


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